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Our mission is to create awareness of local and national black owned businesses while bringing the community to new economic standards; which will encourage entrepreneurs of all ages.

Why the Black Panther? What is Miowt?

Usually linked to melanoid leopards (native to Africa and Asian) and jaguars (native to South America) , the Black Panther have an abundance of symbolic traits such as strength, patience, stealth, energy, knowledge, vision of the future, and mystics powers. Throughout history, you can find the Black Panther embedded in several ancient civilizations and cultures from Ancient Kemet (Ancient Egypt) in Africa to the Aztecs in South America. You can even find the Black Panther within the history of the United States. We think the Black Panther befits Blacks/African Americans and all people of African descent. “Miowt”, meow just spelled differently is one of the communications a feline will make. Since the Black Panther is our logo, “Miowt” fits perfectly as the name of our company.

Our company colors and the symbolism

  • Purple - The color of royalty
  • Gold - The success and wealth that are going to accumulate
  • Black - The people
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