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What is BJP about?

Black Jack Productions LLC is a small business that consists of Rodney and Sachiyo Little, that was founded by Rodney in 1996. BJP originally took form as an illustration and sequential art production studio. It was one of three production studios of Independent Comic Book Publisher Panther Comics, which was founded by Ruselis Perry, Anthony Little, Jason Little and Rodney Little.

Rodney T. Little

A native of Colorado Springs, CO, I lived in Okinawa and Hokkaido, Japan with my beautiful wife and daughter, where I worked as a lead Japanese - English translator and web developer. Prior to that I spent seven years working as an ESL teacher in Elementary schools. I developed original lesson plans and curriculum that utilized my visual communication skills to aid students.

Throughout the years I have been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to explore various facets of design, media, web and communications work. Having now come full circle, I can say that I have four primary areas of expertise: Visual Communications, Web Development, Media Production and Multi-language services consulting.

Black Jack Productions now specializes in Visual Communications, Web Development, Media Production and Multi-language solutions for businesses and organizations.   We help companies to communicate their message effectively, across psychological, technological, language and culture barriers through visual/logical design, and imaginative presentation strategy.