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Multilingual Services

This is the most unexpected, yet thoroughly enjoyable area of my expertise. Beginning with my first trip to Japan to study Japanese in 1997, I fell in love with the beauty of the Japanese language and culture. This motivated me to study so that I would some day be able to freely communicate with people and share experiences and ideas. I was able to make the transition of a student and part time English instructor to a full time English advisor and instructor. I worked closely with educators in researching teaching methods and strategies for ESL curriculum for elementary and Jr. high school students.

I developed my own method of teaching English that focused on using visual and audio elements that were employed along with total physical response activities. The objective was to assist the students in comprehending the lesson’s subject and communicating in the class. I was also called upon to train Japanese home room teachers in basic ESL methodology, which also required me to be able to successfully communicate both in verbal and written Japanese.

I have listed some samples and case studies of related skill-sets below

ESL Curriculum
Design & Development

ESL Techniques Training

Japanese - English
Translation & Interpretation

Japanese Language Coaching